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迅游教学:《Apex英雄》萌新用这支步枪,吃鸡率直线上升 ...:2021-3-4 · 迅游网游加速器 2021-03-04 《Apex英雄》的科幻武器设定,注定了大多数玩家会一脸懵逼,很多刚从《绝地求生》转过来的玩家,还试图在游戏里找一支M4。

At Geneva, our camps and clinics offer valuable training by experienced coaches. Geneva places a considerable emphasis on teaching fundamental playing skills and other tactical aspects such as sportsmanship, proper motivational and attitude. Our goal is to give our campers a beneficial experience while being on campus and working to take their skill set to a new level.

If you have any questions about our camps or clinics at Geneva College please contact

Go Golden Tornadoes!

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